01/30/2012 01:38 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2012

Andre Leon Talley, Melissa McCarthy Chat 'Super Size' Style (VIDEO)

Andre Leon Talley churns out quippy fashion bon mots like nobody's business, but he seemed to get a bit tongue-tied when chatting with Melissa McCarthy at Sunday night's SAG Awards.

Covering SAG fashion for "Entertainment Tonight," Andre talked with the "Bridesmaids" star about how funny she is, how extraordinary, how gracious. Then he decided to venture into dangerous territory by talking about McCarthy's fashion choices and, more specifically, dressing for her body.

First he goes with "curvaceous lady," which we suppose is supposed to be a compliment but sounds like a brand of granny bras. Then he says (we think) "your beautiful super size" and "beautiful voluptuousness," and concludes with "... you like to eat."

Melissa, needless to say, looks a bit confused. We're sure Andre isn't trying to be insulting -- "I'm not exactly a 2 myself!" he crows -- but are there better words to have used?

Either way, his stumbling highlights an issue spanning the fashion industry and beyond: how we talk about larger-than-average bodies. Take a look below.