01/30/2012 01:11 pm ET

Carlos Boozer's Son Cheer For Heat: Carmani Boozoer Caught Rooting Against Bulls (VIDEO)

Well, this could make for some interesting conversation at the Boozer dinner table. Early in the fourth quarter of the Heat's 97-93 win over the Bulls on Sunday, the ESPN cameras caught the eldest son of NBA forward Carlos Boozer enthusiastically participating in a "Let's go Heat!" chant, which would have seemed completely normal... if his father wasn't on the court playing for the Bulls.

ESPN broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy noticed Carmani cheering against his father's squad and couldn't resist commenting.

"If I'm pops and I'm watching this film, if my kid is yelling 'Lets go Heat,' like we just saw, I got a problem," Van Gundy said. "You like LeBron James, that's one thing, [but] you can't go against pop's team."


On the surface, Van Gundy's assertions seem spot on. However, it's not overly difficult to understand why Carmani might cheer for the Heat if you have a little background on his childhood. Carmani was born with sickle cell disease, and he was treated at Miami Children's Hospital. Although his father spent the majority of the young boy's life playing in Utah, Carmani lived in the family's home in Miami for most of his life as the symptoms of the disease are known to worsen at high elevations.

So while it may appear that Carmani was betraying Dad by cheering for the Heat, the truth is, he was only rooting on his hometown team. Although I'm sure Carlos may still have something to say about that.