01/30/2012 05:36 pm ET

Jessica Lange 'Thinking About' Returning For 'American Horror Story' Season 2

Is Jessica Lange coming back for more "Horror?" Maybe.

After winning the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series for her work in FX's "American Horror Story," Lange told E! Online that she was "thinking about" returning for Season 2 of Ryan Murphy's drama.

But if she does sign on for more "American Horror Story," don't expect Lange to reprise her chilling role as Constance. As far as we know, the Murder House chapter of the macabre story has been closed.

"Every season of the show will be a different haunting," Murphy told The Insider via a conference call in December. "What you saw in the finale was the end of the Harmon house and the second season of the show will be a brand new home. Or building to haunt. Just like this year, every season of the show will have a beginning, middle and end."

While Murphy may be moving the setting of Season 2 -- and he left a clue in the last three episodes as to where the second season will take place -- he'll also be bringing back a few familiar faces... in different roles.

"Some of [the actors] will be coming back," Murphy revealed in December. "We're in negotiations with several of them, but they will be playing completely different characters, creatures, monsters and etcetera. I would have all of [the actors] back in a heartbeat, some of the actors we're talking to will be playing something completely different than they played this season, and something completely different than they've ever played. "

And it looks like one of the actors Murphy asked back was Lange, which isn't surprising considering that she picked up both a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for her dramatic work in the series. Now the big question is, will she return?