01/30/2012 06:21 pm ET

Squoobs All the Rage With Madonna, Sofia & Christina (PHOTOS, POLL)

Madonna flaunted it at the Golden Globes, Sofia Vergara displayed it at the Annual Producers Guild Awards and Carol Vorderman caused the biggest stir with it during the National Television Awards.

Introducing the squished, flat cleavage trend or the "squoob" as it's been dubbed by the Sun.

It seems our favorite starlets are trying to iron out some body issues by donning 18th century-style corset gowns (think Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette) that make their waists appear smaller but leave the girls looking anything but smooth. In fact this trend seems to look more painful than playful.

We're all for sexy but does this fashion trend have you saying "oh, no" rather than "oh, la la"?