01/30/2012 03:37 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2012

Terrell Owens Broke, No Longer Friends With Kita And Monique From 'The T.O. Show' (VIDEO)

Terrell Owens has fallen on hard times. Uunable to find a job in the NFL during the 2011 season, Owens revealed in GQ's February cover-story that he's broke and alone after making nearly $80 million over the course of his football career. The flamboyant former wide receiver told the "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays on Fox) that he's estranged from his former best friends Kita Williams and Monique Jackson, who starred alongside him on his VH1 reality show "The T.O. Show."

Williams recounted the falling out, and Owens verified her account. "They double-crossed him ... They were shopping a reality show for the two of them and they didn't tell him about it and then he found out about it." When he confronted them about it, they claimed that they wanted to make him the executive producer, but T.O. wasn't convinced. When Williams asked if they were still friends, Owens replied, "No, I mean, I'm doing my own thing."

Owens' own thing includes buying an ownership stake in the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. He'll also play for the team.

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