01/30/2012 12:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Today Show' Learns Absurd Men's Grooming & Fashion Words (VIDEO)

Since as long as we can remember, men's fashion and grooming has been the Hot New Trend. Articles are written about curiosities such as the murse, the mankini and guylashes as well as men's propensity for expensive grooming products and services (he-waxing, anyone?).

But the trend is not official, of course, until it has its own lexicon. So on Monday morning the "Today" show to once and for all collect all the the man trends it could think of, from the ridiculous to the more ridiculous, make Al Roker try them, and assemble a dictionary of silly words any man worth his mankini has got to know:

Man-bag: man bag

Manpris: man capris

Mewelry: man jewelry

Mandals: man sandals

Murse: man purse

Meggings: man leggings

Mankini: man bathing suit

Marka: man parka

Mampered: man pampered

Sound totally absurd? The actual trends might not be, as sales for men's products went up in early 2011. But the notion of an ever-expanding lexicon strikes us as wholly unnecessary. As "Today" show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager said laughing, "You can put 'm' on anything!"

To which Al Roker replied, "You can, you just shouldn't!"

After too much shopping, Roker reports a "man headache." We think we have one, too. Can we all just agree from here on out to let men wear whatever they want... as long as they don't add the prefix "man" to it?.


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