01/30/2012 07:04 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2012

Trailer Voice-Over Work Scarce For Women

What gender is the voice of God?

The question has been pondered by mystics through the ages, but in the sanctuary of cinema the voice of a sonorous, authoritative, fear-inspiring yet sometimes relatable presence is, invariably, that of a man. Consider the trailer and the omniscient, disembodied voice that introduces moviegoers to a fictional world.

Even now movie trailers and promos largely hew to a template created 40 years ago by Don LaFontaine, Hollywood's most prolific voice-over artist. Possessor of a resonant baritone that could cut through tight sequences of music and sound bites - and the coiner of familiar (and parodied) phrases like "In a world..." and "One man, one destiny" - LaFontaine, who died in 2008, voiced more than 5,000 trailers, 350,000 commercials and thousands of television promos.

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