01/31/2012 02:34 pm ET

FL Primary: Florida Voters Explain Their Choices

The Palm Beach Post talked to voters on the morning of the Florida primary, asking them to explain their choices for the GOP nomination. The reasons offered by Romney and Gingrich supporters were predictably pointed. "The only thing Newt Gingrich has to offer is a big mouth," said Curtis Dempsey, a Romney voter.

Newt Gingrich attacked Romney for his avalanche of campaign ads in Florida, and that reasoning seemed to stick with his voters. "The dirty ads really turned me off on Mitt Romney," said Gingrich supporter Dorothy Anderson, shaking her head as he spoke. "In fact, if he gets the nomination I probably won't vote for him."

But for all of Romney's spending in the state, he may have persuaded at least one voter by using the Barack Obama-Al Green playbook. "I like his earnestness, and this morning I had seen him on television, and he was singing. And I thought, you know, it just kind re-emphasized my idea of a neat man," said Romney voter Sharon Darrey.

Another voter saw Rick Santorum, who is no longer campaigning in the state, as the good guy in the race: "Actually, between the time I parked my car and I walked in, I decided to cast for Santorum just because of the fact that I think he's a good man," said Robert Phelps.

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