'From Above': A Supercut Of Wes Anderson Shots From Above (VIDEO)

In the book of Wes Anderson film tricks, a good solid chapter could be devoted to "Shots From Above," sandwiched between say "The Many Occasions For Futura," and "Headgear." We can already imagine the chapter's cover page -- a photo of gloved hands turning to a chapter titled "Shots From Above"...a photo taken, that is, from above. Eh? EH? Well Vimeo user kogonada has turned this conceptual chapter into a supercut. "From Above" features the hands of the Tenenbaums, Max Fischer, Mr. Fox and the rest, doing fascinating things in a generally warm golden palette. And yes, as the law of God's eye view decrees, something horrible does happen.

Wes Anderson // FROM ABOVE from kogonada on Vimeo.

[via HaveYouSeenThis]