01/31/2012 08:43 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake: Actor, Singer Turns 31 (PHOTOS)

Happy birthday, Justin Timberlake!

It's not just any birthday for the singer-turned-actor -- it's his "Golden Birthday." Timberlake turnes 31 on Jan. 31 and while we're not sure what he'll be doing on his big day, we have a feeling he'll be celebrating in style.

Timberlake had a whirlwind 2011, both professionally and personally. The former *NSYNC star hit the big screen in two major movies, "Friends With Benefits" and "In Time," following his breakthrough role in 2010's "Social Network." Though the films were not exactly Oscar contenders this time around, the roles helped show he could carry a movie as a leading man.

In his spare time, like he has so much to begin with, Timberlake is also working with MySpace and took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in January to help announce the launch of MySpace TV.

His romantic life, however, had a few bumps. Timberlake and his longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel broke up in the spring, only to quietly reconcile months later. Though the pair has remained mum on their relationship since their split, they are rumored to have gotten engaged over the holidays.

2011 was all about MySpace and movies for Timberlake, so maybe 2012 will be the year he brings his music back. We can only hope.

Check out some flashback photos of Timberlake below:

Justin Timberlake, Then and Now