Ron Paul Florida Primary 2012 Outlook

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is already looking beyond Florida's primary election going into Tuesday's contest.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Texas libertarian will hold a "campaign call to arms" rally in the Silver State on Tuesday. Nevada's Republican caucus will take place next Saturday on February 4.

Even though he hasn't placed first in any of the primary contests already held this election season, there are no signs that Paul plans to abandon his pursuit of the White House anytime soon.

"We're going to stay in and see what comes of it," he said during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" over the weekend. "There have been a lot of ups and downs so maybe there will be some downs and we will be able to pick up the pieces."

Paul conveyed a sense of optimism about his chances of coming out on top in Maine's upcoming Republican caucus.

The Polls

HuffPost's Mark Blumenthal reports:

Six new polls released late Sunday or Monday found that Mitt Romney's lead over Newt Gingrich ranges from five to 20 percentage points.

Some of the largest margins came from four polls that reached voters over both landline and mobile phones, including three surveys released on Monday.


Voter uncertainty, a hallmark of the Republican primary campaign for months, remains a potential factor in the outcome of the Florida contest. The latest Quinnipiac survey finds that more than a quarter of the likely Republican primary voters in that state either are completely undecided (7 percent) or say they might still change their minds about the candidate they are supporting (24 percent of those with a preference).

Florida election officials reported on Monday that 591,666 votes had already been cast in early and absentee voting, a number that would represent roughly 30 percent of the votes cast in the state's 2008 Republican primary. Needless to say, those who have already cast ballots can no longer change their minds.


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