01/31/2012 09:59 am ET

Stephen Colbert Chases Jon Stewart, Regains Control Of Colbert Super PAC (VIDEO)

After temporarily giving Jon Stewart control of the Colbert Super PAC so Colbert could explore a presidential bid, Stephen Colbert wants his political fundraising organization back in his hands. And he's willing to chase Jon Stewart all over New York City to get it.

Last night, "The Colbert Report" preempted its typical cold open in favor of a dramatic, action-packed chase between Colbert and Stewart, involved extensive gymnastics, a high-speed carriage ride and even a trip to "The View."

And all over a silly super PAC. But Stephen really wanted this back. In a press release he sent out last night announcing that he was back in control, he wrote, "The way I see it, the Supreme Court said that money is speech, and Jon Stewart was hogging all my speech. Now I've taken that speech from Jon, making him like that movie 'The Artist': French."

Previously, Colbert said that Stewart was holding the super PAC "hostage," and even tried to call in SEAL Team Six to get it back from the "Daily Show" host.

Many may remember that Stewart was pretty happy about the wealth he gained in getting control of the super PAC, bragging about his newfound riches on "The Daily Show" and forcing Mario Battali to feed him like a bird.

Early Tuesday morning, Colbert disclosed the financial details of his Super PAC to the FEC. In doing so, he revealed that the Super PAC had raised a total of $1,023,121, mostly from private donors (or as he refers to them, heroes).