02/01/2012 12:39 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

Sh*t Miami Girls Say, Part 2: 'Literally' Even More Sh*t Miami Girls (And Guys!) Say

They promise "das it," so we're doing this one more time: here's even more "Sh*t Miami Girls Say...And Guys," part one of which came out last week (late, of course, and as usual). FIU is now Miami-Dade, and though the dagger's not as sharp, there's still a few quips that we all can identify with: the Power Love Hour, "everything's a mission for him" (they heard us!), "woooooooow," "Mami!", "I have to get ready for Regatta," and glowsticks, glowsticks, glowsticks. Check out part one above, and part two below -- both lovingly created by four Miami natives. Dale!