02/01/2012 02:31 am ET Updated Apr 01, 2012

'The Biggest Loser': The Aqua Team's Arrival On Campus Spurs Drama, Drama, Drama! (VIDEO)

The Aqua Team went home in Week 1 before even stepping foot onto "The Biggest Loser" (Tue., 8 p.m. EST on NBC) Ranch. They were tasked with losing a combined 50 pounds at home in a month for a chance to get back into the house and into the game. But while they were at home working hard -- and boy did they, clocking in 14 hour days at the gym! -- the Red and Black teams were becoming tight-knit groups.

Adrian and Daphne easily earned their spot back in the game, but while Daphne seemed to be mostly accepted into the Black Team, Adrian's reception into the Red Team wasn't nearly as positive. Particularly when it came to Kim and Conda. Conda has been at the center of every bit of drama in the house since the beginning, though she always sees it as the other person's fault. With her old targets gone, she set her sights on Adrian.

After he talked about those 14-hour workouts, Kim and Conda decided he was either lying, or taking a dig at their own work ethic. They figured he needed to prove it in the gym. So he did, keeping up easily with their Week 4 workouts, and even surpassing them in some respects. So Conda then decided that it hadn't been a very grueling contest.

The two women gossiped about him to each other and tried to stir it up with others in the house until finally Mark and Nancy called a Red Team meeting to try and get it all out. The meeting, though, didn't do much to clear the air. In fact, Conda sat there quietly as if she had nothing to say until finally someone pulled it out of her. Then she was ready with the eye rolls and smirks to Conda-scend.

Daphne felt pretty bad for her brother's reception on the Red Team, though they would have probably turned on her as well. At the weigh-in, neither Aqua Team member performed that well, but they weren't alone. Nevertheless, despite weak performances by most of the members of both team, the Aqua Team was blamed for failing to hold up their end of the bargain. Mark went so far as to call it strategic gameplay, as they had also earned Immunity this week.

By a narrow margin, and with a terrible percentage of weight lost, the Black Team won the weigh-in and the Red Team voted to send Nancy home. She'd sat out almost every challenge, and was even chosen to sit out the weigh-in this week. Had she been counted instead of a few other people, they might have won as she outperformed them. Nevertheless, she went home and is enjoying continued weight loss and more time with her family.

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