02/03/2012 10:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cinnamon Challenge: Carmen Ana Rodriguez, Principal, On Leave After Failing To Stop Dangerous Fad (VIDEO)

Carmen Ana Rodriguez, Clinton Avenue School Principal, has been put on leave after witnessing her Connecticut students taking the "cinnamon challenge" and failing to stop it, the New Haven Register reports.

According to the report, the "cinnamon challenge" is the newest, potentially dangerous, teen fad where the youngsters attempt to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. Since the spice is highly absorbant, the result usually entails gasping for air, coughing spells and in some cases, vomiting. The report also states that doctors say attempting to swallow the cinnamon especially dangerous for students with asthma.

In a letter sent out to parents following the incident, school officials note the challenge's danger:

"The activity can have harmful impacts on children,particularly children with asthma, as the cinnamon absorbs the saliva in the mouth andthroat making it difficult or impossible to swallow and may result in breathing issues andother adverse physical reactions."

The problem is so widespread, Pottstown Middle School in Pottstown, Pa., banned "open-toed boots" to combat cinnamon smuggling into the classroom, The Mercury reports.

Student Christina Lan told WTNH TV that all the warnings only add fuel to the fire. "Its like when you tell them not to do it, they just want to do it more," she told the station.

Thousands of videos of people attempting the challenge are available on YouTube.