02/03/2012 11:15 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2012

Christiane Amanpour Offends Stephen Colbert By Implying He's Not 'Serious' (VIDEO)

Famed broadcaster Christiane Amanpour appeared on "The Colbert Report" Thursday night and jokingly offended host Stephen Colbert during a discussion about a potentially nuclear Iran.

Colbert referred to Amanpour, who was born in Iran, as an "international woman of mystery." He asked if Amanpour knew how close Iran was to acquiring nuclear weapons. "Are we like three years away from being five years away? Or are they one year away from being seven years away?" Colbert asked. He then commented that the U.S. could use its nuclear arsenal to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. "Well some people are actually talking about potentially using nuclear weapons," Amanpour said.

"I just did now. I'm just talking about it now. I'm some people," Colbert said. "Yeah, but serious people!" Amanpour said. It became clear from Colbert's astonished expression and the audience's audible reaction that Amanpour had possibly offended Colbert.

"Have you not seen my sandals, madame? These are very serious sandals," Colbert said as he raised his leg above the table to show off his footwear.

Amanpour appeared on the program to promote her upcoming CNN International show. Colbert said of CNN International, "it’s just like regular CNN but in metric.”