02/08/2012 08:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Christina Corfield Explores The Hysteric Effects Of Electricity In 'Follies Of The Digital Arcade'

Ladies and gentlemen, come witness the inexplicable, the hypnotizing, the maddening force of electricity in its earliest stages! The mysterious phenomenon made men listless and women hysterical -- it changed the limits of our visual vocabulary and expanded the field of science. Christina Corfield's exhibition 'Follies of the Digital Arcade' depicts the diagraming of the inexplicable through pseudo-scientific sensationalist drawings.

Electricity brought a jolt to the world's collective imagination, resulting in overloads of eyewitness testimonials and scientific discoveries of electricity's side effects, dangers and magical abilities called 'The Ills of the Ether.' What resulted were 'diagrams' that mixed science and circus when the search for evidence turns into a frantic witch-hunt of possible explanations. But they are oh so entrancing!

Corfield tops off the hypnotic display with 'The Body Electric', a video about Lucille, a vaudeville showgirl turned telegraph operator, who one day receives the surprise message of a lifetime!

Come travel back to a time when the scientist was the wizard, when the world at large was shaken up by bright lights. 'Follies of the Digital Arcade' will show at Johansson Projects until March 17.

The Body Electric (trailer) from christina corfield on Vimeo.

Christina Corfield