02/03/2012 08:05 am ET

Fit Links: Picking The Right Workout DVD, 100 Calories Of Valentine's Treats And More

There are hundreds of wonderful sites on healthy living to be seen all over the blogosphere. Here at Fit Links, we'll introduce you to some that have caught our eye.

Working out in the comfort of your own living room has a lot of benefits: You can do it anytime (and in any weather), you save money on a pricey gym membership and you don't have to worry about looking silly in front of anyone else. But the range of possible DVDs to try is endless. Fit Bottomed Girls has some tips on picking the right one.

Assuming you make it through this Sunday's food-fest known as the Super Bowl, the next diet-derailer on the horizon is quickly approaching. While we're big fans of the health benefits of a few nibbles of chocolate, it's easy to overdo it on high-calorie sweets. FitSugar to the rescue, with this handy guide to what 100 calories of Valentine's Day treats really looks like.

Now that it's February, time to check in: Are you still on track with your healthy New Year's resolution? Well + Good took January to make some smart predictions for fitness and wellness trends for the upcoming year. Swap that faulty resolution and jump on this bandwagon!

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Flickr photo by Mary Thompson