02/03/2012 05:41 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2012

Woody Harrelson Shoots And Scores, On 'Late Show' (VIDEO)

Woody Harrelson does a lot of work for charitable causes and, as he told David Letterman on "Late Show" (Weeknights, 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS), that includes playing the occasional game of soccer.

In 2010 Harrelson was part of the "Rest of the World" team playing England in a pro-celebrity match for British charity Soccer Aid.

Although he's an avid cyclist and generally super-fit guy, Harrelson said he's a pretty bad soccer player, so when his team was involved in a celebrity-only penalty shoot-out at the end, he was the last person they wanted to take a penalty kick.

However, after all the good players on his team -- including Michael Sheen (Wales), Mike Myers (Canada), Simon Baker (Australia) and Gordon Ramsay (Scotland) -- had taken penalties, the score was still tied at six. So Harrelson was put on the spot in the "sudden death" round of the shoot-out.

Luckily for the team Harrelson was able to use some of his actorly mind tricks to psych-out the opposing team's goalkeeper, English television presenter Jamie Theakston. He had already saved four penalties, so he was feeling good about his chances.

Harrelson used his acting skills to make Theakston think he was aiming in one direction but actually shot in the oppposite direction. By the time the confused goalie realized which way the ball was headed it was already in the back of the net.

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