02/03/2012 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marni For H&M Sofia Coppola Commercial Debuts (VIDEO)

We've been jonesing to see more of the Marni for H&M line ever since it was announced back in November.

Not that there haven't been teases: this Marni for H&M print ad already hit the Internet, and there was that YouTube teaser.

But this new ad, filmed by the legendary Sofia Coppola, is more comprehensive. Here we get to see the clothes IRL, as worn by actress Imogen Poots, who flounces around Morocco, sun-dappled, in a variety of gorgeous clothes from the new line to the tune of Bryan Ferry's "Avalon." She caresses a polka dot scarf. She puts on a couple super cute necklaces. Then she makes out with a hot guy.

Uh, we wouldn't have minded being cast in this role. Just sayin.'

The ad is packed with Coppola-esque sweeping drive-bys of landscapes that are making us crave beach weather and whimsical prints. Too bad we have to wait until March 8th to get our hands on the Marni duds.

Check out the commercial below!