02/07/2012 11:42 am ET Updated Apr 08, 2012

Dead Cats Found On Bay Road In Miami Beach

At least four cats were found dead on Bay Road in Miami Beach Monday night, police say, and a fifth found barely alive among them was shortly euthanized.

"We're waiting for animal control to tell us [what caused the cats to die]," said Miami Beach Police spokesman Deborah Doty. "But we handle it as an investigation."

Doty said when a responding officer found the one cat still living, she took it to a veterinarian's office and contacted animal control. But the animal was shortly put out of its misery, which according to the Miami Herald included writhing in pain and bleeding from the mouth.

"The majority of the time, when a large number of cats turn up deceased in the same vicinity it is likely due to poisoning," Animal Services' Kathy Labrada told the Herald. "And unfortunately it's a very difficult case to prove."

Update: Police initially confirmed to HuffPost Miami the cats were discovered in a bag. But a second Miami Beach police spokesman contradicted that information Tuesday afternoon.