02/09/2012 09:05 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2012

CNN WTF News Is The Future Of Media Thanks To Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Wolf Blitzer is typically a straight-laced guy on "The Situation Room," but things got a little crazy Tuesday evening when he dropped an "OMG" faster than a tween in a comment war on Demi Lovato's Facebook fan page. The comment came after he noticed a mere 75-vote difference between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney's tallies in the Colorado caucus, which, granted, was a close race -- but there's still something that feels a little too "rapping grandma" about a grey haired dude in a blazer whipping out the LOLspeak on live TV. About Rick Santorum.

Jimmy Kimmel found the clip equally absurd, and so Wednesday night he proposed a new business plan for CNN. Sure, they can still talk about stuff like politics and wars and whatever, but just throw a lot more lingo in there. Make it more 2k12. We'll call the network "CNN WTF News" and everyone will be a lot more informed, probably.

International readers can click here to watch the clip on YouTube.