02/09/2012 03:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'NYC Ave' Shows New York City From Dangerous Bike's-Eye View (VIDEO)

Countless videos made with crappy helmet cams have aimed to show just how dangerous biking the city's streets can be. Adversely, few videos have captured the epic exhilaration of New York cycling-- the thrill of weaving between cars, dodging pedestrians and pesky police, while pedaling beneath skyscrapers and gazing up the vistas created by Manhattan's grid.

Enter "NYC Ave.," a 9 minute video featuring creator Shawn Browne and friends cruising the city with HD GoPro Hero cameras strapped to their rides. The bike's-eye tour of the Big Apple--intercut with sweeping shots of the skyline and swelling with the sounds of Clint Mansell-- crosses the Brooklyn Bridge, glides through Times Square, and, at the 7:30 mark, goes into super slow-motion (a la "8 Hours In Brooklyn"), zooming in on a wheel's spokes.

"Riding your bike in the middle of NYC streets is a very bad idea and I don't recommend it (unless you have to get shots like this)," writes Browne, who's had some practice with this type of thing.

Maybe he should collaborate with this guy?

NYC Ave. from Shawn Brown on Vimeo.