Miami Clubs On The Nightclub & Bar 2012 Top 100

When it comes to nightclubs and bars, their very existence is a win for all of us. But when it comes to Nightclub & Bar Magazine's Top 100 of 2012, not all of them make the cut.

Though Las Vegas venues took a massive 20 slots -- including eight of the top 10 places -- nine Miami and Miami Beach nightspots made the list. Better yet, according to this survey these nine clubs brought in $120 to $180 million just last year. Exciting, no? But considering the now-shuttered money pit Nocturnal made the list in 2011, though, it's up to you just how much stock to put in these things. [View the methodology behind the rankings here.]

The 305's supposed hottest spots, by national ranking:

Miami Clubs On Nightlife & Bar Top 100