02/10/2012 11:46 am ET

France Pink Flamingos Found Dead In Cold Weather (VIDEO)

A cold spell which has frozen much of Europe and killed hundreds of people has claimed its latest victims.

55 pink flamingos, unable to fly out of frozen water, were found dead in southern France this week.

Rescuers were able to save several weakened flamingos and send them to a bird park, according to Reuters.

The rescued flamingos were wrapped in black cloth and transported in cardboard boxes by members of the League for Protection of Birds, reported the Daily Mail.

One rescuer explained to Reuters, "These birds have suffered from the cold wave. The 10 days of cold have weakened them, and so their energy reserves have reduced. And what happened was that on Monday, we had winds of [75 miles per hour] and so the birds were not able to flee the peak of the cold and all the ponds of the region have frozen." He added that this was the most dead flamingos they had recovered at once since 1985.

Other mass animal deaths have puzzled officials in recent weeks. 99 whales stranded themselves on a beach in New Zealand last week. Only 17 were successfully rescued.

In the U.S., 129 common dolphins beached themselves along the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts over the past three weeks. The U.S. Northeast's largest ever "single-species event" left more than 90 dolphins dead or euthanized.

Check out the slideshow below of bizarre mass animal deaths:

Creepiest Mass Animal Deaths EVER
Creepiest Mass Animal Deaths EVER