02/10/2012 10:24 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2012

Miami Commissioners Vote To Install Diaper-Changing Stations In City Men's Rooms

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Miami City Commissioners voted on Thursday to install 165 diaper-changing stations in men's rooms in municipal buildings as early as next month, according to the meeting agenda.

Commissioner Frank Carollo sponsored the resolution, which he called Briana's Bill after his own daughter, reports NBC Miami.

At the commission meeting, Fraternal Order of Police president Armando Aguilar asked the commissioners to recognize the difference between "need to have" and "good to have" when spending the city's budget as reported by the Miami Herald -- but at least one observer thought the issue was just a red herring, and commissioners voted 3-0 in favor of Briana's Bill after Carollo said he would raise the $45,000 to install the stations from the private sector.

For many, the issue is more than fiscal, it's about civil rights. In 1994, a New York father tried to sue the Lord & Taylor department store for their lack of changing tables in their men's rooms.

And you might not expect it, but Miami-Dade has been on the progressive side of this issue for the past 13 years.

In 1998, the county commission passed a Baby Diaper-Changing Accommodations Ordinance, requiring that all new commercial buildings have diaper stations in both men's and women's bathrooms.

The only other city in America with such legislation was San Francisco.