02/11/2012 10:44 am ET Updated Feb 12, 2012

Grammy Awards: 5 New York Grandmothers Pick The Winners In 'Grammies On The Grammys' (VIDEO)

Every expert and critic delivers their predictions in the lead-up to Sunday night's Grammy Awards ceremony. But one group of cultural surveyors is consistently and mysteriously left out.


After all, the Grammy Award was named for the founder of music's grandmother, Grammy Pearl,* so it only made sense that we go straight to the source. Or sources.

From the Hudson Guild Community Center in Manhattan, New York, we bring you Rosemary, Catherine, Merle, Julia, and Mibs -- five smart, opinionated women with a self-professed love of music. We played them snippets from the nominees for Best Album of the Year and Best Record of the Year and asked them to choose the winner. The results... will astound you.

*This is a lie. The Grammys were named after the Gramophone.

**Also, potential commenters, it should be noted: the segment is called "Grammies on the Grammys," rather than grannies. Just a little mix-up in video--title land. Additionally, the intro says we will be meeting with six grandmothers. Unfortunately, we lost one grandmother right away to an appointment.