02/11/2012 04:13 am ET

Icelandic Cultural Exports We Love (VIDEO)

Avant-garde musician Bjork gained world-wide recognition in the 90s with the release of her full-length album Debut. As a result, her home country of Iceland was recognized for something other than elves. Over the next 14 years, Bjork released five more albums. And in October 2011, she dropped her first album in four years, Biophilia. In conjunction with the release, she is touring with more than just her music. Until March 2, Bjork will be coordinating with the New York Hall of Science to put on concerts and host educational and musical series and workshops.

Stirred by Bjork's presence in our city, HuffPost Culture is exploring the cultural offerings of Iceland for the second installment of our Around the World Culture series. From the beautifully offbeat like Bjork to jovial little horses, it isn't hard to find things to like about the volcano-dense nation.

Icelandic Culture