02/11/2012 04:14 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2012

Manuel Loja Allegedly Stole Baltimore Woman's Underwear, Then Sent Taunting Messages

What's more creepy: Having a stranger steal your underwear or knowing the creepy thief who's doing it?

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that a 35-year-old man allegedly broke into a woman's home on Feb 2, stealing her thong, a gold necklace, some cash, and other items. He then supposedly texted pictures of the ill-gotten undies.

Police tell ABC-2 News that Manuel Loja -- a man the victim knew -- had given the woman some of the jewelry that he is charged with pilfering on his panty raid.

"The woman started getting taunting text messages and pictures of her underwear and then she realized... She knew the person who was sending her the text messages. " Baltimore City Police Detective Nicole Monroe told the Baltimore TV station.

"It was someone who she befriended and also the person who gave her the jewelry."

The woman arranged to meet the man, UPI reports. He showed up with some of his stolen items, and she brought police, who charged him on counts of burglary, theft and destruction of property.