02/13/2012 05:30 pm ET

Celebrities Known By One Name (PHOTOS)

Cher. Madonna. Beyonce. A star has really hit it big when they're known by only one name, and it seems that there's a new addition to the group.

When Adele won her Grammy for Song of the Year at the 54th Grammy Awards, she was announced as "Adele Adkins," leaving many viewers scratching their heads.

"Adele Adkins? Who? Oh, you mean Adele."

Just a few short years since taking the music scene by storm, the British songstress, born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, has entered the realm of single-moniker stars. There's no need to know her surname, for she'll always just be "Adele" to the world, without the stage-name silliness that often permeates Hollywood (we're looking at you, Gaga).

Check out some other singers whose single names really struck a chord: