02/14/2012 08:55 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

The Lifestyle Mirror: Daphne Guinness Opens Her Home To Emanuele Della Valle's New Site

Want to buy Daphne Guinness' $3,285 Jitrois leather dress? Or her favorite soda? Maybe not, but new e-commerce/editorial site, The Lifestyle Mirror, is hoping that you do. The latest project from Emanuele Della Valle, son of Tod's billionaire CEO Diego Della Valle, features a weekly cover subject with click-to-buy links on objects that they wear and live with.

Of the new site, Della Valle says, "It was to fill a void. I wanted something that is beautiful to look at but also has a service, I am always bookmarking things and pulling out pages, but the problem with that is that you forget to actually buy them, which is good for the wallet at the end of the month but bad for e-commerce." Not that Della Valle needs to worry about his spending habits as the family is worth billions of dollars and has taken it upon themselves to restore the Coliseum in Rome.

Future feature subjects include Margherita Missoni and New York Rangers Sean Avery, but don't expect to see Della Valle himself in one of the spreads. "I don't think so!" he exclaimed, "Maybe if I start working out."

Take a peek at our favorite items in the gallery below.


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