02/14/2012 08:40 am ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Taylor Swift 'Hunger Games' Video: 'Safe & Sound' Clip Debuts (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift isn't Katniss Everdeen, but she plays her on TV and the Internet. After performing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night with a wardrobe and hairstyle that seemed very District 12-y, Swift has taken her Katniss love to the next level in the new video for "Safe & Sound," her lead track off the "Hunger Games" companion album.

Dressed in plain clothes and walking through a dystopian (and burning; thanks FX budget!) landscape, Swift sings the mournful tune with the help of The Civil Wars. The whole thing looks like "Cold Mountain" by way of "Children of Men," which is kinda awesome. More awesome? When Swift finds a Mockingjay pin of her very own.

Watch the new video above, and for more on the "Hunger Games" soundtrack -- including its tracklist -- click here. "The Hunger Games" arrives in theaters on March 23.

[via MTV]