02/16/2012 03:56 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Alexander Wang, Coco Rocha, Nigel Barker And More On Models Falling

Every fashion week, models trip, stumble and fall. But, this fashion week models just seem tired, falling at Dennis Basso, adjusting their shoes on the runway at Naeem Khan and even stumbling at Ralph Lauren. Wednesday night, at The Blonds fall 2012 show at Milk Studios, models were wearing sky-high, spiked heels. One girl, in a particularly short dress with particularly tall shoes could hardly make it down the runway. As I was seated across Miss J. Alexander, the runway coach famous for outrageous antics from "America's Next Top Model," I could see that he visibly shuddered, pointing at the girl's tragic walk to Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker, his co-stars seated next to him.

After the show, Barker acknowledged, "I thought the models did a great job, those heels are serious." However, he admitted that there is a clear difference between amateurs and professionals, "It's not easy, there are pros that do it really, really well. A couple of girls in this show couldn't walk in their heels." Barker recalled, "I did a show this week with Pamela Roland and we had Carmen Kass in the show. It's great to see a vintage model on the runway because you see the difference when someone really knows what they're doing. It's like wow. There are girls with years of experience, who spend every single day on the catwalk around then world. Then, you get like a 17 year old girl who has never really worn heels before. What do you expect?"

In all the years he has been attending fashion shows, Barker has seen "many" girls take a tumble. But, he seems somewhat unsympathetic, "It's hard to see. My heart goes out to them, but at the same time it's a business, this is a job. It isn't just fun and games."

With this topic still in mind, we headed over to MAC's Viva Glam party hosted by Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj where we spotted models Coco Rocha, Constance Jablonski and Liu Wen. Jablonski, who walked for an outstanding 83 designers in one year, looked spectacular in a long turquoise gown. "I never get tired. No, never!" she joyfully exclaimed when we asked if she had ever tripped on the runway (no wonder she has booked so many shows). Rocha admitted that she has stumbled in the past, "It was in Europe, for Missoni. No one saw so it was okay."

The flame-haired model, who opened and closed Zac Posen's Fall 2012 show ("I would do anything for him!") alongside Hilary Rhoda, understands why models sometimes freeze under the pressure. "When you see celebrities or other models, you start wondering what they're thinking about. And, when you're a new model that stresses you a lot. Now, not so much. I think more about the editors. They're all potential clients and you want to make sure everyone's happy. It's a performance and you want to do well."

Alexander Wang, who had supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen, Karolina Kurkova, Shalom Harlow, as well as the aforementioned Carmen Kass walk in his fall 2012 show, couldn't have been happier to work with such established girls. "It was such a pleasure," he said, sipping on a vodka soda, "they're all so sweet. I love them all! I am so relieved!"