02/17/2012 10:58 am ET

ASPCA Rescues 23 Dogs From Brooklyn Home With No Running Water (VIDEO)

23 dogs living in a home without running heat, water, or electricity were rescued in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn on Thursday after neighbors alerted authorities of the sordid living conditions.

Officials from the ASPCA and Animal Care and Control received a search warrant to enter the home of an elderly couple living on 4215 Bedford Avenue, but found the dogs being hoarded a few blocks away at 2713 Avenue Y.

37-year old neighbor Stacey Kraus told The Daily News, "It's sad. They shouldn’t be locked in a house with no heat and no running water. There was nothing but garbage in there. It smelled like dog feces and urine. You could smell it across the street."

The Brooklyn district attorney's office has cited an ongoing investigation and would not comment on any pending charges against the couple.

Earlier this year, a 57-year old Brooklyn woman was exposed for hoarding 18 pit bulls in her home. She proudly said, "I love them like they are my kids. And they love me like I am their mom.”

In December, 20 cats that belonged to New Jersey woman , an alleged hoarder, were killed after a horrifying fire engulfed her home. The homeowner survived.