02/21/2012 08:42 am ET Updated Feb 22, 2012

Lesbian Filmmaker Barbara Hammer Takes Over The Tate Modern

Barbara Hammer is an experimental filmmaker and is perhaps best known for her early work, which constitutes some of the first lesbian-made films (see: "Dyketactics" (1974) and "Women I Love" (1976)).

The Tate Modern is currently presenting a major survey of the filmmaker's work this month, which will include rare screenings of Super-8 films and special performances, in addition to a showing of Hammer's new film, "Maya Deren’s Sink (2011)." This new short film is a tribute to Maya Deren (nee Eleanora Derenkowsky), the Russian avant-garde filmmaker who heavily influenced Hammer's work.

You can see slides of the "grandmother of lesbian film" below. Let us know what you think of Hammer's fearless output in the comments section.

"The Fearless Frame" runs until February 26th at Tate Modern in London.

Barbara Hammer