02/20/2012 02:06 pm ET

Really Really Free Markets Are A Really Great Idea

By Lee Fae For Positive News

I started a Really Really Free Market in my town as a way to bring the community together.

A Really Really Free Market is like a cross between a farmer's market and a garage sale, except everything is free! People show up with stuff to give away, and take what they need from other people's abundance.

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It took a little while to catch on, but now it seems fairly busy, and I am trying to make it bigger and more fun so that more people have access to the wonder of giving without expectation of reward, and receiving without being judged.

It runs once a month on a Saturday afternoon and there are clothes, books, plants, biscuits, pasta, fruit, furniture, ornaments and lots of other stuff. The kids all play together (it's at a park) and sometimes one family brings playdough, beads and coloring pictures for the children to play with.

I think it's so important to give people an opportunity to give, because everyone, deep down, wants to share and help and give to others. I want the people of my town to realize how awesome sharing with other people is. I also want the people in need to have a fun place to go where everything is free.

This was a big thing for me to do because I'm not really that comfortable around lots of people. I have to psych myself up for the week before every market, so that I can cope with it all, and sometimes I still panic, but I'm getting better.

I thought it was worth the effort because it's such a truly great concept, just like this site! If you have a Really Really Free Market near you please go check it out. If you don't have one, then why not look it up online and start your own!

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