02/21/2012 01:42 pm ET

What To Watch: TV Picks for February 20 - 26

Lights Out - Monday February 20, 10 PM ET, FX Canada/FX
Though this show is just debuting in Canada, it's already been cancelled by FX stateside, so don't get too attached. (Though one assumes no one else did, and that's why the show was scrapped.) It's yet another show about the seedier side of life and the dire straits someone can find themselves in when they get desperate. This time it's an aging boxer torn between returning to the ring or becoming a debt collector. Who comes up with these plots? Just writing that synopsis made me want curl up and die a little.

Smash - Monday February 20, 10 PM ET/PT, CTV
I'm still waiting for a really fun and enjoyable episode of "Smash" but the truth is, laughs or no laughs, the show has me hooked. I forgot just how stunning Kat McPhee's voice can be, and how thrilling a really well-choreographed and expertly performed musical number can be . As usual, I blame "Glee" and "American Idol" for ruining my brain. This week McPhee's Karen is back in Iowa at a baby shower, Eileen is looking for financing, and another casting search is under way, this time for a suitable Joe DiMaggio.

The Brit Awards - Tuesday February 21, 8 PM ET, MuchMusic
In case the Grammys just weren't enough to fulfill your music award show yen, Much presents the Brit Awards day-and-date with the UK, so if you avoid Twitter and Facebook for a few hours, you can watch this fairly-meaningless show spoiler-free. Most of the performers and nominees were at the Staples Centre last week -- Coldplay, Adele, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Bon Iver, Florence + the Machine, etc. The big difference is the top nominee is Yorkshire-based singer-songriter Ed Sheeran, who hasn't hit here yet. He's nominated for even more awards than Adele.

The 84th Annual Academy Awards - Sunday February 26, 8 PM ET/PT, CTV
Duh. Everyone will be watching this. You don't need to hear why from me.