02/21/2012 04:46 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

15 Meals In 15 Minutes Or Less

Not all of us have the time to cook an elaborate meal for dinner every night. When you factor in the limited time you have after work to relax and de-stress plus the time you want to save for spending with your family, there's not much time left for eating a healthy, home-cooked meal. But if you've got just 15 minutes to spare, we promise you can!

In just 15 minutes or less, you can put a meal on the table -- and it doesn't involve peeling the film off of a frozen dinner. With the help of a few store-bought ingredients like pasta sauce, canned broth or refrigerator-ready pasta, you can enjoy a quick baked fish dish, a fried chicken cutlet, a grilled sandwich, a pasta toss or even a flavorful soup. We even have quick-and-easy versions of popular dishes like schnitzel and chicken Parm. Put an enjoyable dinner on the table fast with any of these recipes.

If you've got more than 15 minutes designated to cook, check out our gallery of 30 Meals in 30 Minutes or Less.

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15-Minute Meals