02/21/2012 01:55 am ET Updated Apr 21, 2012

'Basketball Wives' Premiere: Evelyn Tears Into Jennifer Over Blog Post (VIDEO)

A fourteen-year relationship came to a head over a blog entry on "Basketball Wives" (Mon., 8 p.m. EST on VH1). Jennifer -- or maybe it was her publicist -- wrote the post and Evelyn took serious offense to it. Tami brought the two women together to try and hash things out in this fourth season premiere, but while Jennifer seemed open to trying to apologize and move beyond it, Evelyn seemed more determined to keep her anger.

Evelyn brought out some very nasty, and very politically incorrect, insults to fling Jennifer's way and seemed like she was only interested in venting her rage. "You want an apology for the blog, is that what you want? How can we solve it? What do you want from me?" Jennifer asked with sincerity. "What the f**k do you want, Evelyn?"

But now Evelyn wasn't going to accept an apology with Jennifer's "nasty attitude." "Tone it down 'cause I'm gonna punch you in your m***********g face," she threatened.

It was an odd rift between the two women as they both seemed upset about the same thing. "If you had an issue with me, I would have preferred you come talk to me than discuss it with everybody else," Jennifer said at one point. Evelyn was equally upset that Jennifer went the very public route of voicing her displeasure on her blog. Or at the least, not policing what her publicist is penning under her name.

The new season of "Basketball Wives" continues Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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