02/21/2012 06:44 pm ET

HUFFPOST FUNDRACE -- Romney's Money Problem

The presidential candidates and their super PACs filed disclosure reports for January yesterday. Here is a quick summation of what was found.

Mitt Romney is burning through money as fast as he can. He spent $18.7 million while raising only $6.4 million in January. Were he to keep up the same pace of spending and fundraising he would have already ran out of money. Romney's burn rate is also a boon to the president.

Super PACs are dominating the Republican primary. But that's only happening because the Republican field is plagued by terrible fundraising. The 2012 GOP candidates have raised $75 million less through January 2012 than the 2008 GOP candidates raised through January 2008. You can even throw in the super PACs and the 2008 GOP field, constricted by campaign contribution limits, still raised more money.

What does all of this spending and fundraising look like? Check out HuffPost's infographic of the candidate and super PAC spending and fundraising.

Rick Santorum's super PAC has another $1 million donor.

Barack Obama's decision to change positions and support the super PAC backing his reelection makes more sense when you see how little the group raised in January: $58,815.

The luxury hotels of the Romney campaign.

Romney is heavily reliant on max-out donors giving the legal limit of $2,500 to his campaign. This could create a host of headaches if he doesn't expand his fundraising base and figure out how to excite grassroots donors (if that's even possible). Otherwise, he's going to have to self-fund.

Sheldon Adelson says that he doesn't think that the super-rich should be spending so much money in elections. He also said, flippantly, that he might spend $100 million in 2012. Don't take that comment seriously aside from the fact that one person could spend that much money in one election.

Super PAC donors are also donors to campaigns. Here's a list of those donors.

The Super PACs are being bouyed by mega-donors.

The story behind the effort to get the ACLU to switch its position on campaign finance reform.

Could Ruth Bader Ginsburg be ready to use her position to take on Citizens United and the role of money in elections?


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Committee: Ron Paul for President
Candidate Opposed: Rick Santorum
Spot: "Rick Santorum A Conservative?"
Market: Michigan.
Buy: Undisclosed.

Committee: Emily's List
Spot: "Emily's List Asks Where Are The Women?"
Market: Unknown.
Buy: Undisclosed.

Committee: AFSCME
Candidate Opposed: Mitt Romney
Spot: "Mitt Romney: 'The Trees Are The Right Height'"
Market: YouTube.
Buy: None. Just a web video.

Committee: Adam Kinzinger for Congress
Spot: "New Way"
Market: Unknown.
Buy: Undisclosed.


These numbers represent spending by independent groups, like super PACs and non-profits, to support or oppose a particular candidate for the presidency in 2012. Fundrace will update this spending daily to help show which candidates are gaining from the proliferation of independent groups in this coming election.

Newt Gingrich (R), $6,435,761 to support, $17,409,447 to oppose. (+$941,294)
Mitt Romney (R), $2,216,953 to support, $5,073,236 to oppose.
Rick Santorum (R), $3,213,266 to support, $2,535,186 to oppose. (Support: +$125,463, Oppose: +$878,602)
Rick Perry (R), $4,167,697 to support, $1,404 to oppose.
Ron Paul (R),$3,683,027 to support, $133,333 to oppose. (+$3,000)
Jon Huntsman (R), $2,453,204 to support, $0 to oppose.
Barack Obama (D), $287,153 to support, $760,389 to oppose.
Herman Cain (R), $501,717 to support, $954 to oppose.
Gary Johnson (R), $518 to support, $0 to oppose.


Restore Our Future, $117,862 to oppose Rick Santorum for President in Arizona.
Restore Our Future, $242,725 to oppose Rick Santorum for President in Ohio.
Restore Our Future, $425,234 to oppose Rick Santorum for President.
Restore Our Future, $38,683 to oppose Rick Santorum for President in Michigan.
Restore Our Future, $54,098 to oppose Rick Santorum for President in Michigan.
League of Conservation Voters, $11,814 to support Tim Kaine for Senate in Virginia.
Saving Florida's Future, $12,234 to oppose Connie Mack for Senate in Florida.
Red White And Blue Fund, $1,003 to support Rick Santorum for President in Washington.
Red White And Blue Fund, $124,460 to support Rick Santorum for President in Michigan.
Winning Our Future, $941,294 to support Newt Gingrich for President.
Campaign for Primary Accountability, $20,978 to oppose Jo Bonner for Congress in Alabama's First District.
Campaign for Primary Accountability, $14,599 to support Debbie Halvorson for Congress in Illinois' Second District.
FreedomWorks for America, $12,554 to support Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas.
Endorse Liberty, $3,000 to support Ron Paul for President.


American Jobs PAC, Sacramento, Calif., Treasurer: Charles H. Bell Jr. (Super PAC)
Christians for a Change, Wimberly, Texas, Treasurer: Roger Steven Smith. (Super PAC)
Hoosiers for Economic Growth and Jobs, Sacramento, Calif., Treasurer: Charles H. Bell Jr. (Super PAC)
California 2012 GOP Delegation, Sacramento, Calif., Treasurer: Charles H. Bell Jr.

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