02/21/2012 03:45 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Jesse Tyler Ferguson On 'Modern Family': 'We're Trying To Deal With Things Real Families Deal With' (VIDEO)

"Modern Family" has certainly endured its share of criticism over the course of its nearly three-season run, but star Jesse Tyler Ferguson says the provocative storylines are simply intended to keep the award-winning TV series grounded in realism.

The openly gay Ferguson, who plays Mitchell on the show, spoke to "Good Morning America" about why the show's recent artificial insemination episode was his favorite of the season so far.

"I just like that we're sort of exploring...you have to go through so many loopholes if you want to adopt a baby or have one through not the common means," the actor said.

Ferguson, who recently sounded off on Tennessee's controversial "Don't Say Gay" bill after that state's lawmakers deemed "Modern Family" inappropriate viewing for young children, went on to note, "We're trying to deal with things that real families deal with."