02/21/2012 04:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New York Rangers Quietly Dominating NHL Amid City's Linsanity (VIDEO)

While the New York Knicks have clawed their way back to just below a .500 record and the city has lost its mind with Linsanity, the New York Rangers have quietly been dominating the National Hockey League.

Coming off an exciting overtime win over the Columbus Blue Jackets Sunday night (see video below) the Rangers are sitting pretty atop the Eastern Conference standings, with 38 wins and only 14 losses on the season.

And Wednesaday, they shutout the Boston Bruins, reigning NHL champs, 3-0.

Their goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, is one of the best in the league and, with just a week to go before the trade deadline, the Rangers also might acquire goal-happy power forward Rick Nash, a valuable addition to a sometimes lackluster offense.

If the success continues (knock on wood) the scrappy Rangers could find themselves in contention for the Stanley Cup, a prize they haven't won since 1994.

Whatever happens to the Rangers (there's still a lot of season left), 2012 is proving itself to be a great year for New York sports. The Giants, of course, won the Super Bowl and the emergence of Jeremy Lin has revived the city's faith in the Knicks, even ending a blackout between Time Warner and MSG, so that we can actually watch the Knicks, and the Rangers, win games.