02/21/2012 02:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Shins' 'Simple Song' Gets A Music Video

The Shins released a downloadable version of their music video for "Simple Song" off their upcoming album Port of Morrow exclusively on iTunes today.

Familial battles and sibling strife is often the subject of hilarity, a subject The Shins capitalize on in this slightly disturbing, though oddly touching video. Shot in a home-video style, it touches on the hatred fueling the Mercer family. James Mercer, vocalist and instrumentalist of The Shins, stars as the recently deceased father of the family, playing one last trick on his three children when he sends them on a wild chase around their childhood home to find a hidden deed.

The video features three siblings as children and adults as they run-amuck in the house up for grabs, pulling dirty tricks as they fight for ownership. Father Mercer has the last laugh, though.

Watch a teaser for the "Simple Song" music video below:

Listen to the full version of "Simple Song" below, or go to iTunes to download the free version of the music video: