02/22/2012 09:15 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Peek Inside ELLE Decor's March 2012 Issue (PHOTOS)

One glance through ELLE Decor's March 2012 issue and you can see why the magazine is at the top of the shelter category: Great photos, interesting people and above all, impeccable taste. And while 'impeccable taste' is seemingly synonymous with 'snobbism,' it's refreshingly not the case with ELLE Decor. We chalk it up to the writing style, which remains approachable -- even when talking about architecture (an insurmountable feat for many publications, we've noticed).

But for Michael Boodro, ELLE Decor's seemingly tireless editor-in-chief, the answer lies in, well, listening: "I'm lucky to have a great team at ELLE Decor -- I look to every single person here as a source for story ideas and for their observations on what's new."

The latter is actually the focus of the March 2012 issue, which spotlights "Rising Stars" across the design world. Our favorite was Jonah Meyer, a designer and artist whose rustic-yet-refined work embodies the virtues of craftsmanship.

In addition to new talent, you'll also find some truly gorgeous home features. Watch out for stylist and editor Jackie Astier's home, a space that entirely redefines glamour.

To see a sneak peek of these and other great stories, click through our slideshow. And to see web exclusives for the March 2012 issue of ELLE Decor, check out their website.