02/23/2012 03:03 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2012

Take A Look At The Fancy Cars George Washington University Kids Drive

Bill Gates would fit right in at George Washington University.

The Washington D.C.' school's student newspaper, The Hatchet, readily admitsadmits it isn't hard to find Gucci in the closet of GWU students, and legend has it that freshmen receive engraved chocolates left on their pillows.

Need more proof that GW students have deep pockets?

Take a look at The Cars of George Washington University.

It's a new Tumblr account that posts photos of high-end luxury cars driven by students around the GWU campus in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of D.C.

The blog that only launched last week, on Feb. 16, but it gathered nearly two dozen photos already.

The cars' makes and models are according to the Tumblr blog. Jalopnik notes some of them carry a price tag for as much as $320,000 and $548,000.

GWU was reported to be the most expensive school in the nation back in 2007. Life must be hard driving these cars to classes.

The Cars of GWU students


A previous version of this article stated GWU had the highest cost of attendance in the nation, which was only true, according to reports, in 2007.