02/22/2012 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joan Rivers' Closet Is Filled With Vintage Jackets, Ziploc Bags & Payless Shoes (VIDEO)

We may not be a fan of all her decisions, but Joan Rivers has won us over with her awesome New York closet.

We've seen her tiny closet space before, when she described her love of Valentino and distate for denim. This time around, in a video for Time Out New York, the comedian shows off her many baubles, bags, shoes and sparkly cardigans, which she likes to trim with fur.

But what really made us smile is Joan's love of a good bargain. "It ain't about price, it's about the look," she intones, showing off a bag she designed for QVC.

And while Joan's got priceless vintage gear -- "These are bags from the Year 1. I think I carried this one when I was dating Moses" -- she reserves her true love for a pair of Payless shoes.

"They are so damn comfortable!" she asserts. A woman after our own heart.