02/23/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Massive Street Art By Sam3

We can imagine few things better than a world full of street art.

With murals flowing around every street corner and massive designs inhabiting the facade of every building, who needs a museum?

But alas, we can only dream for now. However, this hefty sample of work from Sam3 will keep us in a utopian mood for a little while. Taken at face value, Sam3's work simply makes the day a little bit better for those of us who take the chance to look up and look around while we're walking through the city.

The Prayer, Atlanta, USA 2011

Born in Elche, Spain, but now based in Madrid, Sam3 has been experimenting with materials and forms for a while now. The enormous scale of his pieces only adds to the mystery surrounding this street artist. His forms cover nooks and crannies all over the world, but his real intentions remain unknown.

We could go on talking about Sam3's work for days, but we would rather just stop and let the work speak for itself.

View a slideshow of his incredible work below and be sure to check his blog for a glimpse into what he's working on.