02/22/2012 12:47 pm ET

Mike Myers Coaches Kevin Kline On Oscars Etiquette (VIDEO)

Mike Myers took a break from Shreking to teach Kevin Kline and thing or two about how to hold an Oscar statuette in a new short produced by Funny Or Die.

Myers' character, an aristocratic etiquette coach by the name of Sir Cecil Worthington (although, as he points out, he's not actually a knight), heard from TMZ that Kline has been mishandling the Academy Award that he won in 1989 for "A Fish Called Wanda." Obviously, some correction is in order from Worthington.

Even though this video might be a little bit poor timing when Myers' character -- an old white man -- looks like a caricature of the typical Oscar voter based on recent reports, we think this might be the funniest that Myers has been in years, and the "Wayne's World" star may even have more life left in him as an aging comedy chameleon. (Assuming he can transition to middle age easier than he has. Whether "Austin Powers 4" will be that transition remains to be seen.)