02/22/2012 02:53 pm ET Updated Feb 23, 2012

Nicaraguan Dad Filmed Taking 16-Year-Old Son To Brothel To 'Become A Man' (VIDEO)

A Nicaraguan father took his 16-year-old son to a brothel on his birthday to do away with his virginity. It isn't shocking that this happens, but it isn't often that the entire trip is documented on video.

In the video, Don Cesar and his son Juan walk through the brothel — protection in hand — in search of a prostitute for Juan's first time. The choice is made, Juan enters a room and not long after emerges from behind the tin door with a big smile on his face and followed by his presumed "first".

"Macho" fathers definitely aren't restricted to only Latin American culture, but according to David Sequeira, Ph.d, author of author of "The Machismo and Marianismo Tango, the "ideal" Hispanic family is a patriarchy that includes a strong male figure as the head of the household:

"A stereotypical Latino male exudes the characteristics of strength, power and masculinity. Machismo, or a strong sense of masculine pride, encompasses this ideal. And in the family, these ideals are passed from father to son."

In the case of Don Cesar and his son Juan, there's also the possibility of more than just "ideals" being passed on. The legal age of consent in Nicaragua is 18-years-old.