02/22/2012 10:45 am ET

Seton Hall Rushing The Court Fail: Students Blocked By Security After Georgetown Upset (VIDEO)

The sight of students rushing the court after a major upset in college basketball has become so common that college hoops writers have felt the need to lay out some ground rules for such situations.

On Tuesday night, Seton Hall's upset of No. 9 Georgetown certainly seemed like the ideal situation for fans to stream onto the court.

But security had other plans.

As the fans counted down the time left in regulation and prepared to celebrate on the hardwood, a handful of security guards lined up behind the basket and formed a wall. The students tried to plow through, but security held their ground (except for a few) and successfully boxed them out.


Perhaps the hardline stance of Seton Hall security was related to Indiana's upset over Kentucky, which illustrated how dangerous rushing the court could be.